The perfect boot

For years, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect boot. I’ve seen them almost perfect in the smaller sizes (of course) but still, nothing has quite hit the mark.

For me, the perfect boot is as follows: it is brown leather, specifically – tan leather. It has an almond toe, a lovely modest curve to it, with a hint of sexy, without being overt. The heel is almost like a cowboy boot heel, but more elegant, possibly thinner, less depth.

The height of the heel is important obviously. It needs to be high enough to go dancing in, if the mood occurs but low enough to do the school drop off without feeling ridiculous. There should be a small detail at the top, maybe a bit of edging, to bring it all together. I don’t think these boots have a zip, as I think they should be like old friends – you can pull them on and off without any effort but with a perfect fit. Oh and of course, these boots should not cost the earth.

These are not just ordinary boots – these are my perfect boots.

One day, i tell myself, one day.

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