A glimpse of things to come

I threw back the curtains this morning with an added zing in my step. I had taken a peek a few minutes earlier and to my surprise, rather than seeing grey skyies and rain I had seen blue sky, streaked with the most perfect shade of pinky orange. It made me remember what colour can actually do for a persons state of mind. Its been a tough few weeks, but now the eldest child is back at school I feel I can look forward – and that means thinking about spring. And specifically, what shoes I’m going to wear.

The colour thing got me, because spring is the time when its almost a given you will wear colour. Its like its a right of passage. We all wear popping neons in spring to sweep away the winter greys and then by the end of summer we’re all gagging to wear dark colours again. So – shoes. I want shoes with colour and I want to be wearing them by April (at the latest mother nature, you got that!?).


These are those kind of shoes – they make me want to wear light denim and a nice shirt, probably white and maybe some red lipstick and some sunglasses, whilst spending the day with friends, having some lunch, before going to see a good film and a few drinks.

Not sure how a pair of shoes can make me want to have such a specific day, but these ones sum up spring so well.

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