Bear with me!

You should know that i know my blog looks like it has very little to do with shoes, there are very few pictures of shoes and frankly, anyone looking at it, trying to get a handle on who I am and what I’m going on about, would be hard pressed to know.

Please have patience. (i’m not shouting)

I am in the process of getting some branding sorted and once i have it, I will make this blog as relevant as is humanly possible. I am also trying to get my head round wordpress and all the themes and design, so once all that is done, it will look fabulous, I promise.

One thought on “Bear with me!

  1. Hannah – this is awesome! What a fantastic idea! There is so much to pull together at the beginning, but it will by stylish and amazing for sure. I’ll apologise in advance for not buying any shoes from you (average feet here I’m afraid) but will badger anyone with 9+ to become a customer!

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