The Great British weather

I like talking about the weather as much as the next person, but when it comes to shoes, you really have to think about it. I’m looking ahead to the summer, trying to decide which styles might work best for us and I realised that I probably need to take heed of a long term forecast. There is very little point in ordering in loads of strappy sandals with open toes if we’re going to get rained on all summer, but on the flip side I don’t want to try selling autumnal shoes in the heavy heat of august, if we do get some sun. So I was wondering if brogues were the way forward. Namely, these.


Obviously they are neither eye popping colours nor sophisticated heels, but I wonder if they might stand the test of a British summer quite well. I live in jeans, so its easy for me to imagine them paired with some boyfriend cut light denim, but would I wear them with a skirt? Flat shoes and skirts are always a problem for me, due to my skinny ankles and large feet partnering up to look a little like I’m off to the slopes on my size 10 skis. But do these have enough detail on them to balance that out?

Anyway, I know as Brits, we joke about our obsession with the weather but when you consider how much of an impact it has on our daily lives, its not altogether surprising. I’ll consult someone Micheal Fishlike and if I get some good news about our forthcoming summer, I will let you know. If you see lots of autumn like shoes on my site, you’ll know we’re in for a wet one. Fingers crossed…..

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