Dancing shoes in sizes 9 & 10


Click on the link to be taken straight through to eBay to buy Camden, the ultimate heel for large footed ladies – a 3″ cone heel (probably the most on trend heel you can have right now), almond toe for utmost comfort and style – and studs, for that extra va va voom…

Fashion bloggers

Today I find myself wondering where I stand in the blogging world. Am I primarily a retailer who blogs or am I a blogger who sells? There are so many creative people out there who choose to express themselves through their blogs (some of them succeed,  some of them don’t, but then who am i to judge) they then become a vehicle for adverts and are able to turn their blog in to a money making venture. Its like there’s ever increasing ways to make money, so even when I read a blog which has heart and soul I now find myself wondering if they are in it for the cash only. For this reason I think I want to classify myself as a retailer who blogs. I started this blog to tell people what I wanted to achieve and that is to sell shoes. Although if no-one buys them, maybe I can pretend I’m just a blogger who keeps lots of shoes in her front room… 

Shameless self marketing

Although if its about a company, its not self marketing is it? It doesn’t come particularly easy, this promotion of my goods, tweeting people and asking them to re-tweet (especially if they don’t, as happened yesterday, but then being supermodel, I expect Erin O’Connor is very busy and anyway, she must get asked to do that all the time, so I’m over it) and talking endlessly about the shoes I’m selling to practically anyone who will listen.

In case anyone is interested (and thinking that they like the shoes but they’re not prepared to spend that kind of money on them) I’m going to be doing flash sales on Tuesdays – the reason being I can call them Ruby Shoesdays! Clever huh. (as in the Rolling stones tune, Ruby Tuesday.. it rhymes see… ok, whatever). Does it make any difference that Ruby was actually born on a Tuesday?

Anyway, expect to see quite nice reductions on my RubyShoesdays… in the meantime, here are the links again to my eBay pages, where you can buy the shoes – save them to your browser for Tuesdays!

The gorgeous smoking slipper in rust & leopard, sizes 10 & 11 http://bit.ly/WBHSgh

and the ultimate party shoe, with a cone heel & studs included, sizes 9 & 10 http://bit.ly/WByPw2

as ever, thanks for reading.

Shoe prices

I felt that I should explain my reasons for the pricing of my shoes. I know, through research, that smoking slippers vary widely in terms of price and this is usually down to the materials used. Baukjen for example is stocking very similar shoes in very similar colours, for over £100 a pop. However, these are leather, from a well known brand, which means they can charge a premium. New Look, at the other end of the spectrum, are stocking smoking slippers, which cost only £15. They are in quite drab colours though and you can be pretty sure the materials aren’t exactly high end. 

My shoes are all under £100, but are at the top end of that price range. This is because shoes in larger sizes are by their very nature more expensive than standard sizes, because they cost more to make. I am also importing them from the States, which is costing a fair amount. Both Kingston & Camden are well made, solid shoes and I think they are worth the £75 & £85 I’m asking for them. It remains to be seen though, if my customers (or prospective customers) agree with me. 

On track with flats

I was heartened to see yesterday that Baukjen, a brand which I admire for its simple marketing and straightforward clothes seem to have the same idea as me as to which flats should be staples in a wardrobe. They are selling these for SS13 at a slightly more expensive price than I will be selling my very similar ones for.


You may be asking yourself why I’m showing you these, bearing in mind they are so similar to my Kingston style, but of course Baukjen only go up to size 8. My Kingston’s will be starting at a size 9 – although I will be carrying more size 10’s & 11’s.

Verification that I’m on the right track! Delivery expected w/c 11th March – watch this space.