Shameless self marketing

Although if its about a company, its not self marketing is it? It doesn’t come particularly easy, this promotion of my goods, tweeting people and asking them to re-tweet (especially if they don’t, as happened yesterday, but then being supermodel, I expect Erin O’Connor is very busy and anyway, she must get asked to do that all the time, so I’m over it) and talking endlessly about the shoes I’m selling to practically anyone who will listen.

In case anyone is interested (and thinking that they like the shoes but they’re not prepared to spend that kind of money on them) I’m going to be doing flash sales on Tuesdays – the reason being I can call them Ruby Shoesdays! Clever huh. (as in the Rolling stones tune, Ruby Tuesday.. it rhymes see… ok, whatever). Does it make any difference that Ruby was actually born on a Tuesday?

Anyway, expect to see quite nice reductions on my RubyShoesdays… in the meantime, here are the links again to my eBay pages, where you can buy the shoes – save them to your browser for Tuesdays!

The gorgeous smoking slipper in rust & leopard, sizes 10 & 11

and the ultimate party shoe, with a cone heel & studs included, sizes 9 & 10

as ever, thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Shameless self marketing

  1. Hi Hannah,
    Great articles, love your passion!
    Erin O’Connor can go do one! How about Miranda instead? Or someone with heart?
    I would love to buy a pair but I am a poor Londoner and if they were half that price I would deffo get a pair so keep me in the loop for RubyShoedays!
    Soph x(cousin Alicessoph)

    • Hi Sophie, thanks for your comments! If you follow me @shoesforruby you’ll be kept up to date with all the info. If you don’t tweet, just follow my blog & you’ll be kept well informed. Hopefully at some stage there’ll be something that ticks all the boxes! Thanks again xx

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