Ruby Shoesday!

It’s that time of the week again – Ruby Shoesday! 10% off the fabulous flats for one day only. Stocks are running low, so hurry while the smoking slipper in Orange (Rust) and Leopard are still available. There is only one pair of size 9’s in Rust left, so snap it up while it’s still available.

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Queen B girl crush

I watched the Beyonce Imagine film a while ago and it’s fair to say I was left with a fair amount of admiration for Mrs Jay Z (although she’d probably hate me for calling her that and our burgeoning, albeit imaginary friendship is now ruined). But when I read that she was having all her shoes for the Mrs Carter tour designed and made for her by Stuart Weitzman, the admiration turned in to a full on girl crush.

She is having her shoes designed for her and her alone by one of the top shoe designers in the world, to fit her perfectly, to complement every outfit, to enable her to strut her frankly, incredible, stuff on stage.

Weitzman’s trademark is to make shoes out of unique materials like lucite, vinyl, wallpaper and 24 carat gold. He designs one off styles to be worn on the red carpet at the Oscars. He’s like the Prince of the shoe designing world (elusive, enigmatic and probably totally mental)

The Mrs Carter tour will consist of 35 shows in Europe, 29 in North America and 1 in South America. Weitzman has made about 50 pairs for Queen B, ranging from stilettos adorned with Swarovski crystals and knee & thigh length military style boots. Bearing in mind the things the shoes are going to be expected to do, they’ve all been made with rubberized soles so they can withstand all that dancing, foot stamping and hair tossing that she does so well on stage.

Weitzman claims that the project was one of the most inspiring projects he’s ever worked on, saying ‘Beyonce and her team know exactly what they need, always focusing on the fashion and the function of the styles that will be worn’

illustration beyonce

I think that’s probably the pinnacle of fame for me, to have a whole range of shoes designed for one person by someone like Weitzman. Where does she go from there?! What else will this woman do!? Will she just run for president and be done for it? I genuinely think she could probably make quite a good go of it.

beyonce blue

She’s on stage at the O2 as we speak and I’m a tiny bit gutted I’m not there to see it. I’d only want to see the shoes though, obviously. I would definitely not be shouting her name at the top of my voice and filming her every move on my phone to show everyone and tunelessly singing the wrong words to most of the songs. Nope. I would just be staring at the shoes (on the big screen) and making notes. Taking lessons from the master if you like. Ah. Beyonce. Love you. And your shoes.

Another star style

As an antidote to towering wedges and for something slightly more practical, these brogues tick so many boxes. The colour combination of grey and pink is one of my all time favourites and I just think the brogue is a style which is here to stay for so many reasons.

These bring it back from the androgynous look which seemed to linger a little bit and stamp a mark of femininity on the style which has been lacking in the past.

Dolce Vita do it again


Totally rocking shoes

I’m a little bit in love with these shoes. They are rocking the monochrome, wedge, sandal and the metallic trend all in one easy to wear go.

They come in different colours, although this black pair I think probably work the best for me and are from Dolce Vita, a fashion forward brand in the States who MAKE THEM IN BIGGER SIZES. Yes, that’s right, these shoes are available not only to size 6 ladies but also to size 11 ladies. Get that!

It’s designers like these guys who are pushing preconceptions and normalising larger feet. These are the brands we should be supporting. I would love to stock these and other styles – I just need to sell some more of my other shoes first!


Add some Grrrr to your Wednesday

I love these, leopard print goes with practically anything, but especially jeans ( although I would say that, being a jean fiend). Did you know I sell them? No? Weird – I could have sworn I told you. The link you say? Of course – here it is

Can you pass the link on to your large footed friends? Please, be my guest!


Followed for my shoes

I was approached by a women in the playground today who told me she had a confession to make. She told me that a few Saturday nights ago she’d seen me on the bus with my husband and thought that I looked like I was off on a night out. We got off at the same stop, we went one way, they went another. But – she’d decided that she wanted to go where I was going – because I was wearing cool shoes. So her and whoever she was with followed us in to the pub in Peckham we were going to and sure enough, it was cool, the people were cool, the music was cool, generally, it was all cool.

I was wearing my Camdens, studded heel and almond toed heels which clearly bring out the cool in all their wearers.

What more can I say. Except the injunction has been served and she’s now not allowed to come within 50 yards of me or my shoes.


Camden grey profile

Today I’m confused

I know its good to have choices. It’s what we strive for really isn’t it, by working hard, earning money, enabling ourselves to make choices to better or further our lives. But sometimes I do wish that there weren’t so many choices available to us.

Shoes are a good example of that. I’m in the process of choosing the summer range for Shoes for Ruby but I’m struggling. The whole point about the shoes I want to stock is that they reference key trends seen on the catwalk without being overbearingly ‘fashion’. That’s what I want from the shoes that I wear (and seeing as that I’m yet to establish a customer base, my gut instinct is what I’m going on). In researching key trends in the shoe world, I find myself totally overwhelmed. In one magazine it says that its all about the nude ballet shoes, which I suppose would echo the nude nail trend. Then another online article states that its all about the neon and eye popping brights, single straps and/or platform wedges.

Also, it all seems so celebrity led. It would be easier maybe if I decided on the celebrity who’s fashion sense I respected and then mimicked them. But then, who would that be and don’t they also make mistakes?!

Being a very small start up, I have to make choices which tell the customer about my company and I’m fearful of getting that message wrong. I suppose many people would tell me to take a risk, go with my gut, follow my instinct. In the end, that is probably what I will do. But that doesn’t mean I’m not worried about those choices and (sometimes) wishing that someone would make those decisions for me.

Onward though. I wanted to show you pictures of these shoes because there is one style which seems here to stay for summer and that is the gladiator. I thought these were a really fresh approach to them, in a great colour – definitely a contender for the summer stock.