Today I’m confused

I know its good to have choices. It’s what we strive for really isn’t it, by working hard, earning money, enabling ourselves to make choices to better or further our lives. But sometimes I do wish that there weren’t so many choices available to us.

Shoes are a good example of that. I’m in the process of choosing the summer range for Shoes for Ruby but I’m struggling. The whole point about the shoes I want to stock is that they reference key trends seen on the catwalk without being overbearingly ‘fashion’. That’s what I want from the shoes that I wear (and seeing as that I’m yet to establish a customer base, my gut instinct is what I’m going on). In researching key trends in the shoe world, I find myself totally overwhelmed. In one magazine it says that its all about the nude ballet shoes, which I suppose would echo the nude nail trend. Then another online article states that its all about the neon and eye popping brights, single straps and/or platform wedges.

Also, it all seems so celebrity led. It would be easier maybe if I decided on the celebrity who’s fashion sense I respected and then mimicked them. But then, who would that be and don’t they also make mistakes?!

Being a very small start up, I have to make choices which tell the customer about my company and I’m fearful of getting that message wrong. I suppose many people would tell me to take a risk, go with my gut, follow my instinct. In the end, that is probably what I will do. But that doesn’t mean I’m not worried about those choices and (sometimes) wishing that someone would make those decisions for me.

Onward though. I wanted to show you pictures of these shoes because there is one style which seems here to stay for summer and that is the gladiator. I thought these were a really fresh approach to them, in a great colour – definitely a contender for the summer stock.


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