Followed for my shoes

I was approached by a women in the playground today who told me she had a confession to make. She told me that a few Saturday nights ago she’d seen me on the bus with my husband and thought that I looked like I was off on a night out. We got off at the same stop, we went one way, they went another. But – she’d decided that she wanted to go where I was going – because I was wearing cool shoes. So her and whoever she was with followed us in to the pub in Peckham we were going to and sure enough, it was cool, the people were cool, the music was cool, generally, it was all cool.

I was wearing my Camdens, studded heel and almond toed heels which clearly bring out the cool in all their wearers.

What more can I say. Except the injunction has been served and she’s now not allowed to come within 50 yards of me or my shoes.


Camden grey profile

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