The thin and the fat of it

Did anyone see the picture of Julienne Moore’s feet at Cannes last week, on the red carpet? Her shoes were not too small (although they did look tiny) but they were way too narrow, which made her little toes stick out and look frankly, pretty gross. She had, like every other cleb on that red carpet, borrowed the shoes, which were in a sample size, which is of course, no size at all. Is a sample size a size 0? If so, what is the equivalent shoe size?


Julienne Moore is a real woman with real dimensions which is why these shoes do not fit. How many of the women we see smiling serenely on the red carpet in these magnificent gowns are actually in utter agony and not breathing for the entire duration of the evening?

I know there is a bit of a half hearted movement at the moment from various UK designers to stop using sample size models in the hope it discourages the sort of not eating- dieting that is so common in that industry, which is a positive move forward in the right direction. But what will it take for sample sizes to stop being totally unrealistic, resulting in young girls being under pressure to be stick thin.

Funnily enough, I used to be stick thin, like, alarmingly so – and I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but thin is not necessarily good (although I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I spend quite a lot of my waking hours now wondering about how I can get thinner, but even that makes me cross because I’m not fat, I’m a healthy size 14/16, having, in my twenties,  discovered food, babies, staying in and eating, that sort of thing).

I could give you endless examples of people commenting on my thinness when I was a teenager, in public, thinking that because they’re talking about being thin, not fat, it’s totally ok to comment on a random stranger’s physical appearance. (It’s not, for the record).

Oh god, sorry, I’m totally digressing. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is people’s conception of what is normal, average, correct, whatever, has got to change – that goes for sample sizes, shoe sizes stocked in high street shops, clothes, everything.

Then it will be unnecessary for women like Ms Moore to cram her feet in to shoes which are too small in every way, for thin people to be ridiculed for being thin, for fat people either having to make a conscious decision not to care and embrace it or to give in to public opinion and constantly try to slim down. It’s madness! I think I’ve just imagined Utopia. It would have to contain chocolate and wine though. Just in case you were wondering.

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