It seems to me that starting up a new business is a lot like being pregnant. You have an idea, it’s conceived, it grows, it gives you a few scares along the way, as well as real moments of pleasure and feeling complete, then it makes you feel a bit uncomfortable and you stop sleeping well, after a while you can’t really do much other than concentrate on the baby/project in hand and eventually, after some messing about, to-ing and fro-ing and general boringness, you finally  produce something which you’re immensely proud of.

I’m not there yet with Shoes for Ruby, but I believe i’m on my way – I think I’m at the stage now where people are commenting on the size of my bump everywhere I go…

All pregnant women should have a mini break to prepare them for the time ahead so with that in mind, I’m taking a week off (read, I’m going somewhere that doesn’t have wifi, which is FREAKING ME OUT) so things will go quiet for a while.

Rest assured though, while I’m away I’ll be concentrating on being fully operational for the coming few months and arrive back ready to fold tiny little baby grows and waddle about for a while.

If you need to contact me please email me: info@shoesforruby.co.uk (because I still have my trusty phone and I can but hope there is some kind of 3G signal)

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