Ice cream and fashion

Last night I went to an event hosted by Ben & Jerry’s (as in the ice cream guys) at 11 Cavendish Square, where I was surrounded by the great and good social networkers of fashion, beauty and entrepreneurship, with talks by Liz Earle of the make up brand, Safia Minney of People Tree and Kresse Wesling of Elvis & Kresse. The first two speakers are established business women, with awards and letters after their names (MBE’s in case you’re wondering). Kresse though, was the most interesting – a woman who at the age of 22 decided to set up an investment bank, just because she thought it sounded like a good idea.

Obviously, it failed, mainly because she didn’t know what she was doing, but also because she had no investment… but she is now one half of a company which turns industrial waste in to life style products, the first example of that being decommissioned fire hose, which they make into belts, handbags and wallets, to great effect.

I was entranced by this woman, she was intelligent, funny, innovative with inspirational ideas and a ‘nothing’s going to stop me attitude’. I was left wondering at the difference between the people who look at discarded fire hose and think ‘oh, there’s some discarded fire hose’ and the people who look at discarded fire hose and think ‘ I’m going to call my mate up and see if he can learn to sew so we can make that fire hose into sustainable, vegan lifestyle products and sell them at Harrods’.

I know which one I am and which one Kresse is. If I were to delve deeper in to Kresse’s background I would probably find out she was quite highly educated and I think she is originally from Canada (not sure if that makes a difference, maybe being born somewhere like that gives you a bigger need to achieve?). But does being educated automatically mean you are on the fast track to being successful? I don’t think so. So it is just the sort of person you are.

I think you can probably push yourself to be the ‘lets make fire hose into wallets’ person, but for someone like Kresse it just comes naturally. If she wasn’t doing that, she’d be succeeding at something else.

I would have liked to have asked her questions about the thought processes she goes through to get to her business ideas, because it seems to me that  everyone setting out on building their own business could do with a Kresse sitting next to them, to help them have that occasional light bulb moment.

Anyway, it was a well run, informative and educational evening, with free ice cream to boot.

In other news – summer has arrived with a sincerity which gives me hope.

As a result, these wedged sandals are selling well

montego bay black profile 2

As are these flat sandals which have a nifty zip up the back to make getting them on and off easier. The gold tip is a nice touch I think, giving them just the right level of glamour. These are also available in black and gold, perfect for tanned feet and legs.

Raleigh coral prfile 2

As always, these shoes, as well as quite a few more, are available to buy through my eBay shop

Thanks for reading!




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