Heady heights

Interesting things that I learnt last night Number 1: James Dyson didn’t have any investment to set up the company. He had a product and some enthusiastic helpers and then an American company tried to infringe on one of his patents, so he sued for £3 million and won. That was his only outside investment. Cool huh?

Interesting things that I learnt last night Number 2: Just because you call yourself a ‘PR & Marketing Guru’ on your business card, does not mean you are one.

Interesting things that I learnt last night Number 3: There is so much support for people like me (i.e trying to set up, promote & manage a small business) today I feel like a mad professor trying to make the best use of my limited time to make use of all these resources.

http://www.smarta.co.uk run these great events, bringing together some real market leaders to talk about various issues facing entrepreneurs (because that is what I am thank you very much).

Last night focused on marketing on a shoestring and I got some real gems of information from the panel.  I also felt  part of a real community, which counts for a lot when you’re working from home, on your own, day in day out, only communicating via email or twitter or whatever.

I also got to market myself in front of 200+ people for 30 seconds, which actually, I quite enjoyed (did have sweaty palms though).

All in all a fascinating few days at the office. As it were.

Dare I even talk about shoes now after discussing the heady heights of entrepreneurship. Yes, because that is what it’s all about for me! Product, people, placement. The 3 P’s.

Today calls for a more serious shoe, something which enables you to pace around the room , in an enthusiastic and entrepreneurial way.

It’s Edina, a gladiator with a serious side, all straps and comfort, with an edge. These along with all my other shoes, are for sale on my eBay store http://stores.ebay.co.uk/shoesforrubyuksizes91011

Edina black profile 2

Thanks for reading. x

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