I wrote code!

To anyone that didn’t know ( you obviously have to care too) my new website is now up and running. I have built it myself (with not a little help from the kind people at Shopify, who make very nice templates and also offer good support and guidance) and although it is rather basic, I’m quite proud of my efforts.

The shoes now take pride of place on the site, with a separate tab for the blog. If you just want to read the blog you will now need this URL: http://www.shoesforruby.wordpress.com

My methods have changed slightly too. I am putting weekly orders through to the States, which keep shipping costs down nicely. This means you need to wait a little longer than is usual for the shoes, but no more than 12 working days. It’s less time than you’d be waiting if you were ordering directly from Barefoot Tess, you’ll be paying less for the shoes in total and you’ll have the peace of mind that you can send them back to me if they don’t fit.

The shoes that get sent back to me are my ‘shoes of the week’ which means they are in stock and on sale!

I’ve got these lovely sandals in stock in size 10 at the moment, as well as the wedged espadrille, both of which would be prefect for the coming heatwave we’re expecting in the next week.  Order them today, get them for the weekend!

Montego bay one profile smallRaleigh black profile one small


Buy them at – http://www.shoesforruby.co.uk

Talk to me at info@shoesforruby.co.uk

Thanks for reading!


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