Must not’s

I’m on twitter, which for the most part I find funny and sometimes informative, often annoying. One of the most annoying aspects of it is being constant bombarded by companies telling you what you should be buying and when. It’s all done in a chatty, informal way and it is something that I do too – social media is, after all, one of the best ways to promote your business these ways.

But, I’ve decided to change my ways. Today I got a tweet from a brand who I like, whose clothes I have bought and whose marketing I generally respect, telling me that this seasons ‘must have’ is a maxi dress. It may be because I’m tired and possibly a little bit hungover (am enjoying the Dark & Stormy’s at the moment) but the phrase ‘must have’ made me see red. ‘Must have’ is water. ‘Must have’ is food. ‘Must have’ is safety. A maxi dress is not a ‘must have’. Its something which, if you like it and have the money to buy, you could purchase, and it will make you feel happy and possibly better dressed. It will not enable you to be alive.

Another phrase which I’ve become increasingly annoyed with is ‘go to’. “These shoes will be a go to staple in your wardrobe”. ” A go to dress for summer” etc. I’m guilty of it, I know I’ve used it quite a few times in the last few months, but as a phrase it doesn’t really make sense and it is now badly overused. So, from now on, I will try to use different terminology in my marketing.

Instead of saying ‘go to’ I will say something like, “you’ll find these shoes really useful and wont know how you lived without them” or something equally as snappy. And if I ever say ‘must have’ about a pair of shoes, my caveat will always be ” you can totally live without these shoes, but they will enhance your life and make you happier”.

Right, glad I’ve got that cleared up, I’m going to look at that maxi dress now. I’ve been thinking my wardrobe is lacking in something like that for a while…


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