Thank you Amsterdam

For someone like me who spends more time wearing Haviana’s than anything else, despite repeated attempts at varying my daily footwear diet (much like the time I tried to stop wearing denim every day and lasted a full 3 days before relapsing), these Suave Soles are ace.

I first saw them on the rather excellent blog En Brogue, which is dedicated to all comfortable footwear (read no heels allowed), and is well worth a look for all shoe lovers.

You buy a pack of Suave Soles which includes the flop of the flip and 3 flips of the flop, so you can interchange them, depending on what you’re wearing that day or what your mood is or indeed if you just want a change of scene on your feet.

I would obviously have to buy the men’s versions, so no pretty colours for me, but these white ones would fit the bill, with red and blue straps to interchange when I need an outfit change. I guess they may be a bit gimmicky, but at least it would alleviate the guilt I feel for only wearing flip flops when it’s hot.

suave flip flops white

The company has been set up by a Dutch doctor and engineer, using a theory his grandfather used whilst designing some of Amsterdam’s buildings – that they should be ‘softer than the ground, tougher than your feet’. I don’t know about you, but there is something about Dutch design that I love.

It’s the same when I visit Amsterdam, the Dutch just get it ‘right’. I am not a designer, architect nor even a great traveller, but I’m comfortable with the Dutch mentality and the way they approach things. They cycle around, looking  healthy and robust, with their kids in those cart things at the front (which in Amsterdam don’t look like you’re offering your children to the nearest lorry as a sacrifice, which is what they look like on south London streets) and life generally looks pretty good as a Dutchman. My experience is limited to Amsterdam though, so forgive me if there is more to being Dutch than being healthy and cycling everywhere.

it's just so lovely isn't it. Wish I were there now.

it’s just so lovely isn’t it. Wish I were there now.

Tell you what, its easy to digress when you’ve got things like Pinterest at your fingertips isn’t it.

The Suave Soles are obviously available to buy at their very own website. Of course my colour choices match the Dutch flag, just a small way of my showing appreciation for their design and input in to the world.

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