The end of the line

Hi all

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Well, that’s summer holidays for you – weeks on end trying to entertain the kids, failing, getting quite stressed about it and then – THE HOLIDAY! 2 blissful weeks of having someone around to help out with the childcare, an opportunity to catch up with some old, great friends, a chance to watch the kids go feral for a while, actually reading a book (or in my case, a trilogy) and rather a lot of du pain, du vin & du fromage.

And then – back to reality. The school run, the rain, the packed lunches. And the business. This has been the one which has been bothering me the most (although I have to confess my autumn wardrobe issues have also been quite a sticking point).

Shoes for Ruby has certainly given me lots to think about and has been a fantastic learning curve. It has given me real purpose and reminded me of who I used to be before kids – driven, committed, focused and tenacious. But – in the world of business, having a good idea and sticking to it is not enough. So, in a decision not taken lightly, I’ve decided to call it a day. Shoes for Ruby will no longer operate as a business.

I have genuinely loved being the Chief Executive (I’m obviously joking) of my own company, managing schedules (joking), juggling deadlines (joking), dealing with staff (joke) and outside suppliers (ha). And I’m often quite keen at throwing money at problems, which is something my husband is acutely aware of. (I have to mention here how endlessly supportive he’s been throughout the whole experience). But any money being thrown now is our own money and it’s just not feasible.

So – without further ado, this is it. The final curtain. I’d like to thank everyone who’s been so supportive over the last few months, friends, family and all those kind fellow bloggers & tweeters who have given me such positive feedback and retweets and likes.

I’m still going to blog, about much the same things and I do have a few pairs of shoes I need to shift from the bloody wardrobe, but I’m taking down the shop and throwing away the business cards. Might keep one or two though, they are rather pretty.

The funny thing is, the phrase ‘shoes for Ruby’ is one I find myself uttering rather a lot at the moment, trying to find suitable shoes for my nearly two year old, beautiful, tall & big footed daughter.

Hopefully, when she’s older, she’ll appreciate my efforts – and I’m confident that she won’t have the same problems I had as a girl, because it does seem that the fashion world has realised that not everyone is a standard size. There has been a shift in attitude.  

And that, dear reader, was always my aim.


4 thoughts on “The end of the line

  1. Ah so glad you’re still going to be writing… have loved reading your posts and look forward to more from you! Must have been a very tough decision and a brave one. Much love to you, clever lady, and hope new pastures up ahead are beckoning. xx

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