Upper Street rule

I went along to the launch of Upper Streets new line of shoes by Nicole Summerwood last night, a sleek event attended by lots of sleek looking girls with immaculate nails. Drinks were flowing and the music was pumping by the time I got there, but I barely noticed all that as I was mesmerised by the shoes. There they were, elegant, sophisticated, and fashionable, perched on their white columns, in all their glory.

There were some real stand outs for me, among them the dark grey, glittery heels, perfect for just about any dressy occasion and certainly the ones I’ve got my eye on for the party season. Also, some black suede ankle boots, very similar to ones you’d find in any high end high street shoe shop, but that is the beauty of it.Up to now, ladies with larger feet couldn’t buy these kind of shoes from any high end high street shop.

With prices starting at £170 they wont be a casual purchase but I actually don’t think they’re particularly over priced.  You get what you pay for when it comes to shoes, much like make up, clothes and other fashion items and these are quality products, well made, using good materials and most importantly engineered for larger sizes, important for insteps and heel sizes.

I thought it was unfortunate that they weren’t displaying the shoes in the larger sizes – I saw a lot of 40’s and no 44’s. There is a difference in feel in a shoe along the sizes and it would have been good to have felt them and seen them in the flesh. Maybe even try them on at the event – I can’t have been the only one wanting to slip those beauties on and give them a test run!

But, all power to Upper Street – they have got in there early on what will be an increasing market and they will hopefully establish themselves as a brand to contend with in the larger sizes category, making other suppliers raise their game to compete. Long live Upper Street!

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