I have large feet and my daughter, who is now only 14 months old, will also have large feet – probably larger than mine the rate she’s growing. I spent my life as a teenager either wearing awful Crispins shoes (sorry Crispins, but its true) or wearing Filas trainers, in the hope that no one would notice I had size 9’s.

I got through those years by not actually caring what I looked like. Then I went to work in Soho and was able to wear Nike Air Max and be trendy, so that was ok. Then I got more serious work and crammed my feet in to shoes that were too small for me. A little after that, some shops started selling size 9’s and things got a little easier for a while.

Then – I got pregnant with my son and my feet GREW. Gutted. Spent the next two years in Converse anyway, as I was too tired to care.  Got pregnant again and my feet grew AGAIN. I am now a size 10 – which in the US is 12, which is big big big.

I am now not too tired – I am cross. Cross that I look at all the US sites and there are some shoes on those sites that I would literally kill for and we simply cannot buy them over here in the UK. A lot of the companies do ship to the UK but the cost of getting them in to the country is too much. A lot of the companies do sell in the UK – BUT NOT THE LARGE SIZES. WHY?!

Anyway, this is my quest. To supply us UK girls with larger feet with stylish, on trend, seasonal shoes that all the other girls want to wear.

This is my legacy for my daughter.  H

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  1. So with you on this, my 12yr old son is a size 12, there is not much choice for him (except trainers and ‘grown man’ shoes, which I do not particularly want to see him in, and which he dislikes anyway. I don’t want him wearing trainers and football astro turf boots all the time! My 6yr old is size 3, so think his feet will be even bigger. Can we have some for boys too please 🙂

    • Hi Christina
      Thanks for your comments, I am anticipating feeling your pain, my 5 yr old son is already a junior 12, it does seem to all be about the trainers already! My husband, who is a size 14 buys his shoes from Walktall.co.uk, do you know you it? There are sometimes some quite nice choices in there like desert boots and stuff. Anyway, in the future, believe me, I would love to stock boys shoes – watch this space!

  2. Hi Hannah,

    Have you looked on the German market for shoes? We have some very tall girls here & should be cheaper to import from than Germany.


    • Hi Ben
      Thanks for reading this! The Germans and Scandinavian women can be quite tall, but I find the shoes their countrymen are designing lacking in…. pazzazz. I could be wrong though, maybe you could source some for me! Are you still in Berlin?

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