Shock and awe

The fashion news last week was dominated by Sarah Jessica Parker’s announcement that she was going to be designing her own range of shoes (have to be honest, I sort of thought she already had her own line, it seemed like the next step for her after SITC) but I think the real news is that Katie Price (aka Jordan) is also going to be designing a range of shoes for Australian brand Sister Shoes, a range that Katie hopes will ‘shock & awe’.

This phrase in itself was enough to get my attention – crikey, I thought, shoes which shock and awe? What’s she going to be doing to them?! Will they have rocket launchers, encrusted with diamante? Will they have 40 foot heels that flash pink neon as you walk?

I think the two ranges of shoes will be rather different, but despite myself I think Katie Price’s will be more fun. I also think, given the circles she moves in, that she is more likely to design shoes which will be made in larger sizes, although I could be wrong.

It would seem like a good opportunity for her to reach out to the women and men in this world who enjoy dressing up and just need to shoes to finish off the outfit. I think SJP will just be designing for designers, which bores me a tad.

Having said that, SJP has promised to make shoes unlike any others in the shops, using colour combinations you wish your wardrobe contained and only charging between £220 – £350 for the pleasure. Have a feeling Katie Price’s maybe on a slightly lower price bracket then those….

Talking of shoes on a lower price bracket (do you like what I did?), I’m thinking about my autumn stock (it must be the weather) and what I personally want from an autumn shoe.

In my mind, it’s a shoe which can be worn in the day, with skirts or dresses when it could actually be quite warm but then carry you comfortably through to a much colder evening, to be worn with a big jumper and trousers or jeans. Ankle boots or brogues spring to mind, as they are multi usage, converting well from work wear to weekend wear.

In the meantime, its days like these which need a bit more cover up of the feet than last week’s weather, which makes it a perfect time to wear Kingston in either Rust or Leopard.

Oozing with style, easy to wear and super comfortable, I haven’t taken mine off since yesterday (being in bed excluded).

Kingston R profileKingston leapord

As ever, available to buy here

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