Add some Grrrr to your Wednesday

I love these, leopard print goes with practically anything, but especially jeans ( although I would say that, being a jean fiend). Did you know I sell them? No? Weird – I could have sworn I told you. The link you say? Of course – here it is

Can you pass the link on to your large footed friends? Please, be my guest!


Very very excited – the shoes


I can finally reveal to you the shoes I will be stocking, once I get set up. I will be concentrating on size 10 & 11 (Euro 43 & 44) with a few 9’s thrown in on shoes that come up big. I’m really excited to be able to show you pictures of these shoes – I’ve been waiting for this moment for months.

I would be really keen to hear your feedback on these shoes – I’ve chosen them carefully and with various reasons in mind. Hopefully these will sell, which means i’ll be able to get some more stock in, either of the same styles or some new ones. I will be in-keeping with a British spring & Summer, which is obviously quite unpredictable.

Here we go:

Camden grey Camden taupe  Kingston leapord

Kingston rust