THE smoking slipper, Kingston

click here to buy THE smoking slipper, Kingston

They are now available to buy on ebay, in rust & leopard, sizes 10 & 11 (I also have 1 available in size 9 in rust, but am sort of hoping no-one wants it because that means I can wear it and I’m quite excited about that).

On track with flats

I was heartened to see yesterday that Baukjen, a brand which I admire for its simple marketing and straightforward clothes seem to have the same idea as me as to which flats should be staples in a wardrobe. They are selling these for SS13 at a slightly more expensive price than I will be selling my very similar ones for.


You may be asking yourself why I’m showing you these, bearing in mind they are so similar to my Kingston style, but of course Baukjen only go up to size 8. My Kingston’s will be starting at a size 9 – although I will be carrying more size 10’s & 11’s.

Verification that I’m on the right track! Delivery expected w/c 11th March – watch this space.