Totally rocking shoes

I’m a little bit in love with these shoes. They are rocking the monochrome, wedge, sandal and the metallic trend all in one easy to wear go.

They come in different colours, although this black pair I think probably work the best for me and are from Dolce Vita, a fashion forward brand in the States who MAKE THEM IN BIGGER SIZES. Yes, that’s right, these shoes are available not only to size 6 ladies but also to size 11 ladies. Get that!

It’s designers like these guys who are pushing preconceptions and normalising larger feet. These are the brands we should be supporting. I would love to stock these and other styles – I just need to sell some more of my other shoes first!


For those tall, big footed women who dare to tower

But also as a way to brighten up your day.

I’m a wholesaler for BFT, so if you’re interested in ordering from them (they’re based in the States) talk to me. Am thinking of being like Made and taking advance orders, waiting until I’ve got enough to make it worthwhile shipping them in. Thoughts welcome!Magenta